What is an Auto Title Loan?+

An Auto Title Loan is a secured loan that uses your vehicle as collateral. By providing Vero Lending with the title to your vehicle as collateral, it allows our company to loan you much more money than we otherwise would be able to on an unsecured basis. A Car Title Loan is easy to qualify for because you are using the equity in your vehicle, which is the money you have already put in your vehicle.

These loans have low interest rates and allow you to pay back the money up to a year later. You will get you the cash you need fast and safe with Vero Lending, which is a licensed lender in the State of Florida under the Consumer Finance Statute 516.

Auto Title Loans are also known as car title loans, vehicle title loans, auto title lending, title loans, auto equity loans, and other pseudonyms.

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How do Title Loans Work?+

Getting a title loan with Vero Lending is easy and safe. We want this to be a fast process for you. We’ve designed a process that ensures your title loan experience is expeditious and enjoyable. First fill out the short available located on our site to the right sidebar of every page. If you have any additional questions that our site doesn’t answer, you can also call one of our Auto Title Loan representatives toll free at (888) 428-3332. Once we receive your submission one of our friendly representatives will contact you to verify that you meet the necessary requirements for a loan and schedule an appointment to meet with you whenever or wherever is convenient for you.

Next, one of our mobile loan professionals will arrange to visit you in person to close the loan. Our staff will meet with you at work, home, and even coffee shops. Finally, the mobile representative will do a quick vehicle inspection and fill out the proper paperwork with you. Easy as that!

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What Is Needed for an Auto Title Loan?+

Most of the time, the following things are needed to complete an Car Title Loan:

1) Complete Secure Online Application.

2) Florida Motor Vehicle Title With no liens, but your vehicle doesn’t have to be entirely paid off (see below).

3) Valid driver’s license and valid vehicle registration.

4) Proof of income, but you don’t need to be employed with a company (see below).

5) Vehicle inspection done by one of our agents and four clear pictures of the vehicle showing the front, back, and both sides.

What Makes Vero Lending So Much Better?+

– The lowest industry interest rates
– No Hidden Fees or Rates
– No Credit Check
– Full Disclosure
– Simple Process & Friendly Agents
– Online Car Title Application and Help
– You continue driving your car during repayment
– Local Helpful Auto Title Loans Representatives

Do You Speak Spanish?+

Si Hablamos Espanol!
Yes, we speak Spanish and our friendly representatives will work to help you thoroughly understand the Car Title Loan process while we work to get you the best rates, most cash and optimal payment plan possible.

How Long does This Process Take?+

Firstly, fill out our simple online form located to the right of every page. One of our friendly representatives will reach out to you during company hours via phone and/or email and then work to get you approved. Vero Lending does the inspection, paperwork processing, and underwriting all in one day. In most cases Vero Lending can get you the cash-in-hand on the same day.

Once you’ve been approved for the loan, one of our friendly mobile loan agents will arrange to meet at a location and time that is convenient for you. Many applicants apply, get approved and meet all in the same day. It can be that quick.

How Much Can I Borrow?+

Vero Lending bases its loan amount on the equity (or value) of your vehicle. Once you’re approved, Vero Lending can cut you a check on the spot or we can electronically put the money directly into your checking account, it’s up to you.

Our usual minimum pay out is $750, but you can take out as little or as much of your allotted loan.

How Much Does My Car Have to be Worth?+

A vehicle should have a current respectable wholesale value in order to qualify. We understand that each car appraises for different amounts in today’s market, therefore we do not charge anything to find out how much your car is worth.

It’s important to remember that with Vero Lending, our vehicle inspection and appraisal is completely free.

What if I Have a History of Credit Problems?+

Vero Lending doesn’t run a credit check. Our company understands the tough times caused by our troublesome economy. We are a flexible lending firm who understands that most people don’t have perfect credit. This doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a loan to help your current situation. Obtaining a loan and making your payments according to your designed payment plan will actually help raise your credit score.

Does it Cost Anything to Qualify?+

No. The main reason for Vero Lending’s Car Title Loan process is to find out how much money we can get you. One of our friendly representatives will need to ask a few questions in order to get the best loan for you.

It’s important to remember that with Vero Lending, our process costs you nothing.

Does My Car Need to be Paid Off?+

Not exactly. It needs to be nearly paid off. Vero Lending has worked with several clients who have a few payments left on their loan. What we tend to do is pay off the loan and you get the extra cash. This is actually a great way to improve your credit score and get caught up with bills or your car payments.

Do I Need to be Currently Employed?+

No. However, we do need to know that you have the ability to make your loan payments. We can even help you if you’re on disability or retired as well. This is a great loan option for people who have income that varies month to month.

Do I Need to Have a Bank Account?+

No, we do not require that you have a bank account. We can pay you by check or even place the money directly into another person’s bank account.

What Documents do I Need to Provide?+

Typically you will need to provide basic documents such as mail, proof of income, a phone bill, and possibly a personal references. We will also need you a valid license and valid vehicle registration.

Some larger loan amounts may require additional documentation, which one of our friendly representatives will inform you of when you apply.

How are the Payment Plans Set Up?+

Vero Lending goes step by step with you as we develop your payment plan together. Most importantly, we make sure you understand everything about your loan rates and payment schedule before you sign anything. Vero lending offers several convenient monthly payment options to you. Our loans typically range from 12 to 36 months. We work hard to make sure that your payment plan is comfortable for your situation.

Payment Options Include:

1) you can make “cash only” payments with our banking company, which our friendly representative will explain with you during the payment plan set up process. We will also email you detailed instructions on how to fill out the deposit slip at the bank branch so we can track your timely payments.

2) We can set up an ACH payment to be debited from your checking account.

3) Cashier’s checks and money orders work as well, but please see mailing address on the contact page.

Is there a pre-payment penalty?+

No. You are able to pay off the Car Title Loan at anytime and pay more than your normal monthly installment if you wish without any penalty or drawback. In fact, we suggest paying it back as soon as possible, because in many cases it will help your credit score. However, we will set up the loan for an extended period of time to ensure it is comfortable for your situation.

How Are You Different From a Pawn Store?+

The biggest difference is that we do not gauge our clients with unreasonable rates. Secondly, our friendly staff is here to help you in the fastest and safest way possible. We come to you and get you the Car Title Loan you need in the best way possible without unnecessary and uncomfortable situations.

What Happens if I Default on My Auto Title Loan?+

If you feel that you are about to default on your Auto Title Loan, please contact us. Vero Lending wants to work with you to resolve your loan obligation.

If we are unable to resolve your loan obligation in a timely manner and your loan defaults drastically, Vero Lending reserves the right to repossess the vehicle that you used as equity for your loan. You will be responsible for all repossession and administrative costs.

This is a worse case scenario that we will work hard with you to avoid.

Is My Personal Information Safe?+

Yes. Vero Lending agents and our website utilizes several redundant security features that ensure your information is safe. Firewalls help to block access to all customer information.

Our secure data transmission uses a Secure Socket Layer encryption. Therefore, all information to and from your bank is protected. We also use TRUSTe for privacy best practices. Your information is kept confidential. Your information will be processed through our third party verification companies in accordance with our privacy policy for the purpose of fraud prevention and detection.

All Florida Motor Vehicle Titles and car keys are safely stored.

Was Your Question Answered Here?+

If not, we encourage you to contact one of our helpful representatives at our toll free number for a free consultation. Vero Lending strives to help you thoroughly understand the Auto Title Loan process while we work to get you the best rates, most cash and optimal payment plan possible.

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