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Car Title Loans Hilton Head Island
Are you in need of a little extra cash, or maybe even a lot of extra cash? Life has a way of throwing curve balls, and it can be difficult to keep up. Help is as near as your computer, telephone or local title loan store. If you own a vehicle and have the title in hand, you can also have the money you need in hand by getting Car Title Loans Hilton Head Island. It’s a very simple and straight forward process. You can begin by filling out an online application or one at a local store. On the application you will asked to give the title loan company some information about yourself and your car. If you have bad credit or a bankruptcy, you don’t need to worry. Car title loans require a car and a title, not great credit.

Your application will be reviewed and your car’s value will be assessed. If your car is eligible for a loan, and most are, then a representative of the company will call you to set up an appointment. They need to see your car and inspect it. Sometimes, especially with classic vehicles, an inspection will determine that your car is worth more than originally estimated. After the inspection the representative will tell you what their company can offer you for the title of your car. You are not selling your car to them. You are only borrowing money on the equity that is lying dormant in your car. They do not take your car and hold it for ransom. They take your title and write a lien of ownership on the title. You keep the car, and you take the money. It really is as simple as that.

The loan terms are generally accrued in 30 day increments. This means that your loan will come due in 30 days. At which time you may either pay the entire sum back, with accrued interest, or most companies will offer something called a roll-over. A roll-over is when you pay only the interest on your loan, or the interest and part of the principle and the company rolls-over the remaining balance for another 30 days. Most companies have a roll-over limit of 4 times. In other words you may extend your loan out from 30 days to a maximum of 120 days before all of the principle and accrued interest must be paid in full. There are exceptions to this rule of course. Under special circumstances a company may offer more extensions, or a longer loan term, but these are generally only offered to established customers. Under these special circumstances, a title loan may stretch out 6 months before coming due, so long as the interest is paid on a monthly basis.

There is one thing that a consumer should consider before pursuing a title loan. It is not recommended to borrow more money than you need. It sounds wonderful at first, to have a few extra coins in your pocket, but it just means that you have more to pay back. Getting an auto title loan is simple, and it can mean a lot of money in your pocket, but always remember that you must pay it back on time.

Car Title Loans Hilton Head Island are considered to be high interest rate loans, and as such they are not recommended for long term use. However, for the short term they are better than payday loans or non-collateral based personal loans, and they are perfect for someone who has bad credit and just needs a little help up. A title loan company will offer you a lower interest rate on your vehicle because the vehicle is being used as collateral for the loan. This all works in the same manner as a pawn. In fact the industry of Title Loans is also called the Title Pawn industry.

Getting Car Title Loans Hilton Head Island is simple, and paying it back is simple. If you need a helping hand this is the perfect solution. Your car may be worth more than you expect, and it can help you out of a sticky situation, or give you the money for an important endeavor. Whatever the reason, if you need money and have a car, then you many just have the solution to your problems sitting in your driveway. Put that car to work for you in more ways than one, and rest easy tonight knowing that you have the money to cover your needs.

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