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Car Title Loans Florence
Have you suddenly been struck with an unexpected expense and can’t figure out how you are going to cover the cost? First of all, please do not panic. Do you own a car, and have the title? If so, then you might just have the answer to your problems. Consider taking out a car title loan. There are several Car Title Loans in Florence. You need only pick up your phone or computer and locate one. The decision to get a car title loan is more difficult than actually getting the loan.

The first step is to either locate an actual store, or to find the phone number of one, or to find one online. The easiest of course, is the online choice. Simply fill out the application with the pertinent vehicle information and your personal information and give the company a bit of time to evaluate it all. It does not take long, generally only about 60 minutes. Once they have taken a look and determined the value of your vehicle then they will contact you. Some companies, not many, but some will offer you money without seeing your vehicle. Most will want to see the car, so that they can verify its existence and to give it a quick inspection. Older vehicles are generally assessed at a lower loan amount, but classics can be worth quite a bit more. It would depend greatly upon the condition of the older vehicle or classic. Original equipment that is in excellent condition is worth more than most modifications. Modifications that chop up the original frame, or body of a car will generally lower the value.

Once the Car Title Loans in Florence has assessed the value of your car they will make you an offer. Remember that you should not get starry eyed if the offer is greater than the amount that you need. It is best if you only borrow what you need, because eventually you must pay it all back with interest. The title loan company will give you their loan terms. Usually a first time title loan will be due in 30 days. This means that you would have one month to repay the loan with interest. Recently, some title loan companies have been offering 30 day free interest loans. If you pay back the loan within the 30 days, then they won’t charge you any interest. This is an incredible deal and well worth looking into if all you need is a bit of a helping hand.

Some title loan companies offer a roll-over program. This program allows you to pay only the interest at the 30 day mark, and allow the remaining balance to be rolled-over for an additional 30 days. You can of course pay part of the principle as well when you pay the interest. This makes the loan easier to pay back because, you are breaking it into smaller pieces. Generally loan companies only allow you to extend a loan in this manner for a maximum of 4 times. You should ask about the payback possibilities when you apply for the loan.

As another incentive some companies are offering a cash discount if you apply using their online application. This is a quick and very easy way to save some money on your car title loan. It can literally pay you to shop around and see who might be offering an incentive. It is definitely beneficial to find the lowest interest rate available, this is especially true if you think that you are going to need a little extra time to pay it all back.

Car title loans are high interest rate loans. That being said, the interest on Car Title Loans in Florence is lower than personal loans or payday loans, especially for those with poor credit or bankruptcies in their past. A loan such as this can be a life saver when used responsibly.

Car Title Loans can also be given for boats, motorcycles, jet skis and more. If it has a motor and an official State issued title of ownership, then it can probably be pawned to a title loan company. Just as with cars and trucks, the condition of the vehicle will determine how much the loan company is willing to lend you. So don’t delay, if you need money and you have a car, you could be eligible for a title loan. Get the money you need today, so you can rest well tonight and have a better tomorrow.


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